Rotary Club that meets online
From Fellow IFMR Australia:
Many of you would remember IFMR German Chapter member Dieter Schneider, Dieter spent most of 2019 in Australia promoting as part of his planned world ride promoting awareness to depression and prevention of suicide. Some of our members were lucky enough to ride with him or home host him, others would have listened to his Zoom Chinwag presentation on 30th August 2020 or followed him on his Facebook Page:
As a result of COVID-19, Dieter has found himself back in Germany, whilst his BMW awaits his return in Brazil.
In typical Dieter fashion, he has continued his passion in Germany, and in a recent email he wrote:
“With some of my friends we are planning a „Fellows Ride“ in my hometown Würzburg at the 12th of June. Inspired by the Black Dog Ride in Australia I’m looking forward to ride with hundreds of bikers for Depressions Help and Suicide Prevention. The various concerns of the police are devastating. Doing good is not easy in Germany. You have to stand the bureaucracy.
As a group, let’s support Dieter! Registrations for the Würzburg are free, riders are being “encouraged” to donate 15 Euros (about USD $30) Whilst any monetary donations would, I’m sure, be appreciated, I believe that our support and encouragement are more important.  You can make a donation via Dieter's GoFundMe page that has been setup for this venture:
June 12 has come and gone but you are still able to make a donation if you feel so led.