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IFMR-NA Southwest Region Ride - October 9

Saturday, October 9, 2021
9:00 AM
Auburn Town Center
340C Elm Avenue
Auburn, CA

We'll have a morning  meet & greet

Leave Auburn at 10  

Ride the Sierra Foothills

Finish back in Auburn between 3 and 4pm 

The route is 210 miles of main roads  

Possible stop for lunch in Sierraville


Click here to register so that Scott knows how many riders to expect.

Click here to email Scott with any questions.


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Black Rottweiler Ride for Depression & Suicide Prevention

From Fellow IFMR Australia:
Many of you would remember IFMR German Chapter member Dieter Schneider, Dieter spent most of 2019 in Australia promoting as part of his planned world ride promoting awareness to depression and prevention of suicide. Some of our members were lucky enough to ride with him or home host him, others would have listened to his Zoom Chinwag presentation on 30th August 2020 or followed him on his Facebook Page:
As a result of COVID-19, Dieter has found himself back in Germany, whilst his BMW awaits his return in Brazil.
In typical Dieter fashion, he has continued his passion in Germany, and in a recent email he wrote:
“With some of my friends we are planning a „Fellows Ride“ in my hometown Würzburg at the 12th of June. Inspired by the Black Dog Ride in Australia I’m looking forward to ride with hundreds of bikers for Depressions Help and Suicide Prevention. The various concerns of the police are devastating. Doing good is not easy in Germany. You have to stand the bureaucracy.
As a group, let’s support Dieter! Registrations for the Würzburg are free, riders are being “encouraged” to donate 15 Euros (about USD $30) Whilst any monetary donations would, I’m sure, be appreciated, I believe that our support and encouragement are more important.  You can make a donation via Dieter's GoFundMe page that has been setup for this venture:
June 12 has come and gone but you are still able to make a donation if you feel so led.

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5th Annual Rotary Polio Moto

October 23-24, 2021
South Texas
Day 1
Start in Laredo, to Brownsville to Corpus Christi
with several stops in between meeting other Rotarians
Day 2
Start in Corpus Christi to Victoria, Alice and end in Laredo. 
About 800 miles
Funds go to support Polio Plus
Get up-to-date info as it develops
or EMAIL Ride Coordinator Joseph Dickerson

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Ride to Sturgis 2020

We had planned to ride as a group with the Harley Owners Chapter 4800 of Greenville SC to Sturgis, which was planned the year before and many people were securing their accommodations... Then the pandemic  happened! The uncertainty of the ride was down the drain and many people thought it was going to cancel.  Our chapter made the decision to go ahead and keep it going for those who wanted to go. 
Our Road Captain Bob took his time scheduling the grueling 3 day trek from Greenville SC to Custer State Park in SD.  We have scheduled a hotel night for every day of the trip and in Custer State Park SD. 
Day 1: we took it easy and made our way to the Outskirts of Lexington KY for the night.
Day 2: we traveled to Le Claire, IA, to check out the pickers (Frank and Mike) rusty gold they say. Their shop was more like a retail store for t-shirts and hats then for stuff they show on tv.
Day 3: we made our way all the way to Custer State Park where we ended our first 1670 miles. 
Day 4: we started with a visit to the Black Hills HD Dealership where all the vendors and crowds. Which I wore my mask all the time and stayed away from many bar or group events so as not to be exposed.
Day 5 - 8: We mostly rode within 250 mile range each day or a tank of gas whichever came first.  We stayed a total of 5 days in South Dakota, went one day to Sturgis, visited the bars and saw buffalo just about every morning.
The video above is a compilation of all the rides we did. Custer to Mt Rushmore via Needles Hwy Loop, Custer to Rapid City SD, Custer to Badlands National Park, Custer to Sundance, Custer to the Devils Tower, Spearhead and other places around.  Unfortunately, my front camera went flying on the 7th day of the trip and I had to switch cameras as I lost several hours of footage. I had to make do and try to salvage what I had downloaded the prior night.
Day 9: we got caught on the rain sans rain gear, the temperature dropped from 80 to 50 in no time we were shivering from the cold rain. That's the Blackhills for you, unpredictable and hot and cold in the summer! 
Our group stayed together for the most part and some of us decided to venture different directions and ride on smaller groups to see more as we did with the Falls of Spearhead and Devils Tower.
Day 10: we took to the road again and made our way back to South Carolina via Kansas City, Missouri and on to Cleveland to check out some sites of interest for folks in our group. 
It was a fantastic trip, we did not get sick nor had any accidents, just a couple rain days and hardware malfunctions on a couple of the Harleys.  Overall, it was a lot of fun and camaraderie all the way around! I highly recommend taking a trip to SD and not necessarily for Sturgis but for the open skies and the open road, just be prepared for anything... I  mean anything!
Cheers! See you on the road again!!
Emilio Porras
President - Rotary Club of Mauldin
Associate Member - Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians
Member - IFMR-NA (


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2022 RI Convention in Houston!

On behalf of the Host Organization Committee, we cannot wait to welcome Rotarians and guests to Houston and the great State of Texas for the 2022 Rotary International Convention.  The saying goes that everything is “Bigger”, “Better” and “Friendlier” in Texas, and the goal of the Houston Host Organization Committee is to have each of you feel that every moment as our guest while in Houston! From the humble beginnings of this great city, Houston has been led by “People of Action” who have taken this City to great heights including, to the moon and back. 
More Information coming soon!
You can learn more about the 2022 Rotary International Convention by clicking here

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IFMR-NA Gear Now Available!

The long awaited IFMR-NA store is now up and running.
Currently available are IFMR-NA t-shirts, polo shirts and long sleeve dress shirts.  Please check back to the web store every now and again as we add new IFMR-NA logo products. 
This store is a fundraiser with all IFMR-NA profits benefitting the charitable account of the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians!!
CLICK HERE to go to the store and order your very own IFMR-NA gear!

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Carlton Pernell & Terry Skogland Memorial Ride to End Polio

Carlton Pernell                                          Terry Skogland
August 26-30, 2021
Maggie Valley, NC
The ride will center around the Jonathon Creek Inn
Address: 4324 Soco Road
Maggie Valley, NC 28751-9511 
Phone: +1 800 577 7812 
CONTACT THE HOTEL DIRECT TO BOOK YOUR ROOM(s). Options are Deluxe, Creekside Back door/balcony, or Creekside back door with screened in porch.  Mention International Motorcycle or Jim Dodmead if they can't find it when making a reservation for a discounted rate.
Anticipate arrival on Thursday afternoon, August 26th and we will have pizza and refreshments on the back patio that evening. 
Friday we will do a short morning ride, followed by lunch and  a joint meeting and/or a service project with a local club for Friday afternoon.  Friday night we will cook out hamburgers and hot dogs on the back patio.
Saturday we will ride for a couple of hours, have lunch, and return to JCI for dinner at
J. Arthurs
2843 Soco Road, Highway 19
Maggie Valley, NC 28751
Phone:  828-926-1817
Sunday it is anticipated that some people will head home, but if there is enough interest, we can do a morning ride and visit the "Wheels Through Time" museum (if it has opened by then). 
Any of the above is subject to change depending upon feedback and the desires of participants. 
Registration is open!  Click here to register
Contact Jim or Tom by clicking below for more information
Electronic Mail: Jim Dodmead & Tom Kale

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Mission Impossible 7 Motorcycle Stunt 2020-09-19 04:00:00Z 0

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

October is "Cybersecurity Awareness Month".  Now in its 17th year, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our Nation, ensuring that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online.
CISA and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) are proud to announce this year’s theme:

“Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

This theme encourages individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace, stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity.

NCSAM emphasizes “If You Connect It, Protect It.” Throughout October, CISA and NCSA will focus on the following areas in our promotions and outreach:

  • October 1 and 2: Official NCSAM Kick-off
  • Week of October 5 (Week 1): If You Connect It, Protect It
  • Week of October 12 (Week 2): Securing Devices at Home and Work
  • Week of October 19 (Week 3): Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare
  • Week of October 26 (Week 4): The Future of Connected Devices

Use NCSAM’s hashtag #BeCyberSmart before and during October to promote your involvement in raising cybersecurity awareness.


Tip sheet #1:  Internet Security While Traveling

Tip sheet #2:  eSkimming

Tip sheet #3: Identity Theft and Internet Scams

Tip sheet #4: Internet of Things

Tip sheet #5: MultiFactor Authentication

Tip sheet #6: Phishing

Tip sheet #7: Social Media

Find more information about National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by clicking here:  Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Blue Ridge Parkway Recon Mission

Jim and Diane went on a multi-stage reconnaissance mission to the NC
mountains for an IFMR-NA ride next year.  There are many spectacular vistas
and rides in the area to choose from. 

This event is tentatively scheduled for August 26-29, 2021.  There are
planned social events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, along with
guided rides on Friday and Saturday or participants can venture out on their

After a test run at Nantahala Outdoor Center, they have eliminated white
water rafting as a potential activity for next year's ride.  However, other
participants are welcome to try it.  Reservations are recommended.

The pictures are from the Blue Ridge Parkway and Lake Junaluska.
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B.A.C.A. - Biker's Against Child Abuse

B.A.C.A. - Bikers Against Child Abuse exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obstacle preventing a child from further abuse, we stand ready to be that obstacle.
Every chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) holds a 100 mile child abuse awareness ride on the 3rd Saturday of May each year.
Some are just rides, some are poker runs or novelty rallies, but the requirement is a ride of 100 miles (or more) total.
If you are interested in participating, you can find the nearest chapter here:
You can find additional information on B.A.C.A. at (be sure to watch the video, they did a great job explaining the organization and its mission).
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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Ride Safe, Be Aware


From "It's A Fine Line" originally published on May 25, 2017

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and with warmer weather on the horizon, it’s an important reminder to everyone on the road – riders and drivers alike – to be aware of their surroundings, and to drive safely and cautiously not just this month, but all year long.

There are fewer motorcyclists on the road than other vehicles so drivers aren’t necessarily always looking out for riders, even though they should be. It is up to you, as a rider, to make sure you are seen and that in the unfortunate event of a collision, you are wearing the right gear to keep yourself protected. Below are a few tips to keep you safe during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and beyond.

Wear the Correct Gear
The duration of your ride shouldn’t determine what gear you decide to wear for the day. Your arms and legs should be completely covered not only to protect in the event of a crash, but also to prevent dehydration. Brightly colored clothing and accessories with reflective technology will allow you to be seen to other drivers on the road. On average, only 64% of riders used a DOT approved helmet. If your helmet doesn’t include a face shield, it is important to wear goggles, not glasses that could fall off during your ride.

Eliminate Surprises
Part of riding is planning ahead. You can have all of the correct safety gear on, but staying on top of your bike’s maintenance is essential to preventing a crash. While you and everyone around you may be alert, and abiding by the laws of the road, something going wrong mechanically can spell disaster. Before every ride you should perform a motorcycle safety inspection – checking your tires, lights, fluid levels, and for possible leaks. If you plan on carrying cargo, it should be balanced and secured before your ride.

Take a Training Course
Training courses aren’t just for new riders. Classes come in a variety of riding levels, so whether you’ve been riding for 10 months or 10 years, staying up to date on proper motorcycle safety and maneuvers will enhance your skills and keep you alert. Taking a motorcycle training course allows you to ride with confidence.

Share the Road
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is not only about riders taking safety precautions, but is also meant to remind other drivers to be aware of motorcyclists. Motorcycles are smaller, but should be treated like another car on the road. Drivers should follow motorcycles at a safe distance and allow them an entire lane to use. When making turns or changing lanes, drivers should check their rearview mirrors, and their blind spots.

May 25, 2017 - It’s A Fine Line is an inclusive community of motorcycle riders advocating one common mission: zero motorcycle deaths by 2030. We want to share videos and stories about motorcycle events,( rides, clubs, gear, safety and training because we believe that together we can save the lives of our friends, our families and our communities.


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Maintaining Your Mental Health During Covid - 19 Dr. Mary Berge 2020-04-15 04:00:00Z 0
A Cure for Boredom..... 2020-03-29 04:00:00Z 0
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Rio Bravo Project February 8-15, 2020

Work can include construction of community buildings, schools, or small concrete block homes called casitas, Mission Bible School, clinical and dental work, special skill training, cooking, painting, general assistance at the mission, or other light construction and home repairs.  As a Volunteer In Mission (VIM) team member, you'll help change lives in Rio Bravo while having a life-changing experience yourself. Together with other volunteers you may help construct a community building (school, church, etc.), participate in running Mission Bible School, help serve at a remote medical clinic, or build a new home for a local family. Plus you'll establish relationships with local residents and others, and enjoy neighborhood children and adults as they stop by to see what's going on.

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EVENT POSTPONED Wisconsin River Run Ride - July 16 to 18, 2020

July 16, 2020
The day starts at the Fairfield Inn at the Wisconsin Dells
511 Wisconsin Dells Parkway
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
(608) 678-2676
Today's ride will take you to Richland Center, Prairie du Chien and end the day in Marquette, Iowa
at the Cobblestone Inn
100 North Street
Marquette, Iowa
(563) 873-8900
July 17
We will ride from Marquette, Iowa back to the Wisconsin Dells
via Lansing, MN; Viroqua, WI; Westby, WI; Cashton, WI; Hillsboro, WI; Reedsburg, WI
and finish up back at the Fairfield Inn at the Wisconsin Dells.
To make a donation to the projects of the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians
or Questions about the ride Send an email to Jim Lawrence, ride coordinator 

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IFMR France & Germany September 2019

While on business travel in Germany recently, I managed to meet up with the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians via a stateside member of the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians (an eClub). This ride was organized by Dr. Dirk Jensinghaus, our international IFMR president, so I felt particularly fortunate (and welcomed!) The group was mostly French riders with a few Germans. My limited high-school German and college French is pretty rusty but we did just fine with some translation help by Dirk and Pascal in the group. 

The ride down from Darmstadt on my rented BMW F800GT took a couple hours in the rain. About 30km away from my hotel, my 10 year old Daytona boots informed me they were no longer waterproof. Fortunately my Aerostich and triple-digit raingloves kept the rest of me dry enough. My iPhone on its RAM handlebar mount talked GPS to me through my Sena 10c Pro and worked well enough except for when a raindrop hit the screen directly and acted like a capacitive touch. This required me to tap it once to see my map again, and stop once to navigate back to my map display. More on this later.

Etape 1 : St-Wendel – Sarreguemines (Aus St-Wendel 61 km, 1:00 St.)
Meeting zwischen 9:00 und 9:15 in Sarreguemines, Start 9:30 

I met Dirk and his wife near Saarbrucken and we crossed the French border, fueled up and met the rest of the group. My IFMR clubmates were well-prepared for the cold wet weather and largely on big touring bikes. 


Etape 2 : Sarreguemines – La Petite Pierre : (67 km, 1:30 St.) 9:30 – 11h00

Our second stage of riding included winding rural roads between farming towns and through forests. We did stop at one point for Pascal to point out a crystal factory. This region is famous for its crystal.

Kleine Pause in La-Petite-Pierre (11:00 – 11:30)

Based on when I set out from Darmstadt that morning, I would have loved to see a coffee stop earlier- so when we finally arrived at Brasserie Tivoli for libations including coffee and hot cocoa, I was very happy to warm up a little. It was also a great opportunity to get better acquainted with my clubmates and pass around the book I’d brought with as a gift for my 19-yr old. It’s a copy of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, now signed by motorcyclists from all over the world. Though it’s materially modest, I think it’s a pretty good birthday gift for a 19-yr old just starting an adult life. Coincidentally, the author Robert Pirsig had just passed away a week prior, at the grand old age of 88 yrs. He was a fellow Minnesotan and Golden Gopher like me, and of course a motorcyclist. Godspeed, Dr. Pirsig.

Etape 3 : La Petite-Pierre – Le Donon (72 km, 1:30 St) : 11h30 – 13h00

The highlight I remember of this stage is passing through Graufthal and seeing the houses cut directly into the living stone of the cliffs. We also rode to the top of Rocher du Dabo, a castle on a hill that provided an excellent view of fog and rain. Visibility was limited but it was still a cool place to see.

Etape 4 : Repas / Mittagessen

The lunch stop was fabulous, and a hot meal on a cold wet day was most welcome. Our famous chef Cyril Strub happens to be a fellow motorcyclist. He and his wife operate “Black Pudding & Co” together. They met in her homeland Scotland, and moved together to France where we now found them at Le Kiboki. I’ve been told that Rotary motorcycling events are judged in part by the quality of the food. This large French meal certainly met the high standard with wine, several grilled meats, fresh salad, breads, dessert and of course espresso.

Etape 5 : Retour au choix, Rückfahrt je nach Wunsch ab 15 :00 oder 16 :00

After lunch, a few of our party split off to more direct ways home, while I headed back toward Saarbrucken with my German hosts. I sat out the rain and received some dry socks from Dirk, then headed back toward Darmstadt after it became apparent the rain wasn’t letting up. During our final stop I’d noticed one of four the rubber feet on my RAM X-Grip had departed the bike somewhere. I thought it would be okay- and put my phone in a plastic bag so the raindrops wouldn’t disturb the GPS. Unfortunately, while 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, it ain’t good either when it’s rubber feet on the RAM X-Grip. My iPhone left the bike at about 130kph on the autobahn, 40km outside Saarbrucken. I quickly decided that stopping for a black iPhone on the autobahn at night in the rain was a dumber idea than continuing without it. Fortunately I remembered the rest of the way back to my hotel in Darmstadt, and lived to figure out how to deal without a phone while traveling. That part I don’t recommend. Thanks Rotary! It was a memorable ride.

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Casa Colibri Mission - October 2019

Rotarian Gerry Jackson is in Guatemala on his seventh mission trip to Casa Colibri to bring eyeglasses, sunglasses and Rotary love to the folks who live in the region.  
Casa Colibrí is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization committed to helping the Mayan people of northwest Guatemala improve their lives through programs in health, education, and infrastructure.  Casa Colibrí supports its programs with funds provided by grant-making organizations and generous individual donors. All donated funds are used specifically to purchase medication, supplies and equipment needed to support programs or to pay the salaries of our three Guatemalan employees (clinic nurse, clinic caretaker and executive director.) All members of the Casa Colibrí board of directors are volunteers. All volunteers pay their own expenses to attend meetings or to travel to Guatemala to assist with programs. No funds are used for fundraising efforts or other administrative functions.
You can check out Casa Colibri on their website at  and their Facebook page:

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EVENT POSTPONED - Friendship Ride to End Polio

IFMR-NA Friendship Ride to End Polio
Johnson City, Tennessee 
Ride routes are still being evaluated,
but routes will most certainly contain “The Snake.”  
See more info about "The Snake" here:

Lodging - Fairfield Inn 

3078 Hamilton Place 

Johnson City, TN 37604. 

Call (423) 900-8640 to make a reservation and

Mention IFMR for a special rate. 

If we can book 15 rooms, the rate will be $106 plus tax (this rate will also apply to May 28th). 

If less than 15 rooms are booked the rate will be $144. 

The block will be held until April 28, 2020. 

Cancellations up to 7 days prior will have no penalty 

cancelations with less than 7 days remaining will be charged one day of rent and taxes. 

A credit card will be necessary to hold the reservation & Marriott Rewards number would be handy  



Riders will have the option of following a ride leader, or directions will be provided for more spirited riders. 


There will be social events, fellowship, dining out, a trivia competition,

rally style awards (longest distance, oldest rider, youngest rider, most eventful trip, Motorcycle Genius Award),



For more information, suggestions, make a donation to Polio Plus

or questions about the ride contact Jim Dodmead by clicking here




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Jimmy's Cybersecurity Rules of Thumb

  • If you didn’t make the call, don’t ever give out any personal information, even if you recognize the person’s voice
  • If it is not a trusted source, DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK!!!!!!!!
  • Hover your mouse pointer over a link to make sure you know where you are going    If you cannot verify it, you are better off typing or copying the link, rather than click on it
  • No legitimate organization is ever going to call and ask for your credit card number.
  • If someone calls and says your grandson is in jail in Paris, don’t send money until you verify the situation independently
  • If you didn’t make the call, don’t ever give out any personal information, no matter what the caller ID says
  • Keep backup copies of important information separate from your system
  • Keep all your systems patched and up to date (if you don’t know how, send me an email by clicking the link below)
For more information visit:
To watch the presentation from October 2, 2019 - click on this link:
If you have a question for Jim click here to send him an email!

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8 Day Cape Town and Garden Route Tour

Three Upcoming Start Dates:
November 16-24, 2019
November 24 to December 2, 2020
November 23 to December 1, 2021
All leave from Cape Town, South Africa
15% discount on the trip for the November 16-24, 2019 trip!
Download the full brochure by CLICKING HERE

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Donate Your Used Eyeglasses!

Posted on Sep 11, 2019
Eye Clinic Missions & Projects
As part of the club's outreach programs, members of the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians have supported and participated in several Rotary and VOSH* eye clinic missions in various locations throughout the world.
With your help, we look forward to continuing to provide glasses and vision services to various indigenous peoples that are less fortunate and often unable to have even the most basic of eye care and vision.
Please Add A Cash Donation
Many do not realize used eye glasses need to be cleaned, adjusted, measured, packaged, cataloged and shipped prior to making someone else's life for the better. Even though we are an entirely volunteer organization and have no labor costs we must still purchase and maintain equipment and supplies and provide for the measuring, sorting, packaging and shipping costs of the glasses. We humbly ask for a small donation (suggested $5 per pair) to supplement our costs.
Donated Glasses Change Lives
In many regions of the "third world", eye glasses are a luxury item that most indigenous people simply cannot afford. The simple gift of a properly fitted pair of prescription glasses opens the doors to the opportunity for these people to better their own lives in so many ways. 
Without glasses, indigenous children are often unable to attend school let alone be able to read and learn.
Without glasses, indigenous adults with vision problems lose their jobs.
Without glasses, indigenous senior citizens become a great burden to their families and societies.
In these parts of the world there are no aides for the vision impaired. 
Without glasses, life can be dangerous.
With one simple act of kindness 
YOU can change lives!
Please send your used glasses
along with a suggested $5 per pair cash or check donation to:
Motorcycling Rotarians Eye Project
c/o Gerald Jackson
11305 Eagle Road
Davisburg, MI  48350  USA
You can also donate online by CLICKING HERE 
*The Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians conducts its eye glass project work in association with the Michigan Chapter of Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) International.

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Posted by brian on Sep 10, 2019
Smilin' Dr. Brian!
There's lots going on these days in our club!  Gerry put together a great flyer for the vision project, please download it here, print and share!    
We will be having a board meeting at the close of tomorrow's meeting, so hang around for the festivities! 
Finally, I wanted to thank Linda and everyone who have been so patient and supportive while I am finishing up my requirements for my residency application.  I have one more exam and eight weeks of electives left, then graduation is coming in December!  Now feverishly writing personal statements, dotting the i's and crossing the t's on my application. I went down and had my profile picture taken today (above).  When I opened the photo, I was very distressed to learn that I was actually a used car salesman from Toledo!  Now that the hurricane has past, we are opening the shutters and putting away the survival box!  I hope all stayed safe, I'll see you tomorrow night!
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CANCELLED - Ride the "Twisted Sisters"  2019-08-27 04:00:00Z 0 #springride


Donations to RotaPlast can be sent to the following address. 
Checks should be made payable to Rotaplast International
The mailing address is:
ATTN: Paul Quintavalla
RotaPlast International
2215 Anthony Avenue
Broomall, PA 19008
Tax ID# is: 94-3247677

RotaPlast 2019-06-13 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians Makes the June 2019 Rotarian Magazine Sizzle! 2019-06-02 04:00:00Z 0

Cross Egypt Challenge

With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us. Egypt is rich with temples, soaring lotus-bud columns; enormous stone portals laced with delicate carvings, elaborate underground tombs, windswept desert monasteries, and richly decorated mosques. But as extraordinary as these sights are, they will probably not be the things that linger in your memory after you return home. It is exploring them from the back of a motorcycle or a scooter - from the Mediterranean feel of Alexandria to the electric pace of Cairo to the timelessness of desert villages- that is unforgettable.


Cross Egypt Challenge adventure rally not only gives you the opportunity to explore this magnificent country on two wheels, but it also allows you to experience the Egyptian culture first hand and explore destinations and routes that normal tourists don't get to explore.


Cross Egypt Challenge is a series of endurance cross-country motorcycles and scooter rallies conducted through the toughest tracks and roads of Egypt. The series is aiming to promote Egyptian tourism and is running under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority.


The series started in 2011 and the first challenge was a 9 days adventure ride from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the North of Egypt to the temple of Abu Simbel, on the southern borders of Egypt with a total distance of over 1700 km. Each following season witnessed a different and more challenging route.


The 2019 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will run between October 17 and 26, 2019 and will include a 2,475 km route that will be completed over 7 stages with two rest days at some of Egypt's finest destinations.


The new route will start from Alexandria, heads east to reach the city of Ismailia on the shores of the Red Sea then go south along the Red Sea Riviera and make stops at El Gouna and and Marsa Alam. After camping by the beach in Marsa Alam, the challenge will then head west to cross the Egyptian Eastern desert - one of the most challenging deserts on the face of the planet due to its rock formation and high mountain range - to reach the Nile valley and the city of Aswan. From Aswan the challenge will head back north again to reach the old city of Luxor, the capital of ancient Egypt and the largest open air museum in the world then make one more stop at Minya before the final leg of the season takes place between Minya and Cairo to end the challenge under the great Pyramids of Giza.


The number of participants in the famous rally has increased over the years from 14 participants back in 2011 to a record breaking 75 participants from 14 different countries in 2015.


We invite you to check out this unique adventure and register to enjoy an unforgettable experience.



Click Here For More Information



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10 Spring Motorcycle Hazards and What to Do About Them

Reprinted with permission, Liz Jansen posted April 5, 2019

As eager as we are to get out for the first ride of the season, it’s important to prepare for unique spring motorcycle hazards.

Trudy and I went for our first ride last week. It was an early start but she needed routine maintenance beyond my repertoire. We’ve got travel plans for later this month so the work had to happen. We lucked out with a beautiful sunny day (sandwiched between two snow days) for the ninety-minute cross-country ride to my local Triumph dealer.

I wasn’t as ready as I would have preferred so I stayed away from traffic and rode more deliberately, aware of what I was dealing with.

10 Spring Motorcycle Hazards
  1. Automobile drivers. They haven’t had to share the road with motorcycles for four months. Add in their general inattentiveness and distractions and it’s a recipe for trouble. Give yourself plenty of space, watch other road users closely, and make yourself as visible as possible. Assume they don’t see you.


10 Spring Motorcycle Hazards and What to Do About Them 2019-04-05 04:00:00Z 0

Eleventh Annual CDA Ken Sanford, DDS Memorial Event

In one of the most beautiful areas of California. You will be within range of Death Valley, The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Mono Lake, The Alabama Hills and Whitney Portal. There will be great rides and many activities in the area for non-riders and riders alike!
Dow Villa Motel (downtown Lone Pine - very accessible to everything)
Rates: Queen or King – $113 + tax
2 Queens - $122 + tax
Reservations: 760/876-5521 or 800/824-9317
Ask for the CDA Motorcycle Group 
There are other motels close 
Please stay where you like, the town is small

Eleventh Annual CDA Ken Sanford, DDS Memorial Event 2019-03-28 04:00:00Z 0

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

The "Daily Dozen" list from John Maxwell's book "Good Leaders Ask Great Questions"
I will choose and display the right attitudes.
I will determine and act upon important priorities.
I will know and follow healthy guidelines.
I will communicate with and care for my family.
I will practice and develop good thinking.
I will make and keep proper commitments.
I will earn and properly manage finances.
I will deepen and live out my faith.
I will accept and show responsibility.
I will initiate and invest in solid relationships.
I will plan for and model generosity.
I will embrace and practice good values.
I will seek and experience improvements.

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IFMR Fall Ride in Ontario

September 12 - 15, 2019
Ride Leader -  Bruce Patterson
Day 1, September 12
Arrive in Owen Sound
Best Western Inn on the Bay Owen Sound
1800 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5R1 Canada
Reservations - (866) 719-9200

Mention "Motorcycling Rotarians"

Rate is $134.99 + tax Canadian

Day 2, September 13

Ride to Espanola, Ontario via the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

Coffee and Snack at North Bruce Peninsula Rotary in Lions Head, Ontario

1:30 departure on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry from Tobermory, Ontario to South Baymouth Ontario

Rate:  Motorcycle $18.85 Canadian + Adult $16.85 or Seniors (55+) $14.85

Make a reservation (on or after April 1)  by clicking here  Or call (800) 265-3163

Reservations are First Come, First Served

Pinewood Motor Inn

378 Centre Street, Highway 6

Espanola, Ontario P5E 1G3

Click Here for Website to make reservation online

Or call (800) 361-3460 or (705) 869-3460 to make a reservation

Mention "Motorcycling Rotarians"

Rate is $100 - $118 +tax Canadian

Day 3, September 14

Ride to North Bay, Ontario

Best Western

700 Lakeshore Drive

North Bay, Ontario

Reference "Motorcycling Rotarians"

Reservations - (800) 461-6199  or (705) 474-5800

Room rate is available until August 14, 2019

Rate is $134.99 +tax Canadian

Day 4, September 15

Ride to Collingwood Ontario
Georgian Bay Hotel and Conference center
10 Vacation Inn Drive
Collingwood Ontario  L9Y 5G4
Reservations (705) 445-9422 Ext 725
Reference IFMR Motorcycling Rotarians
Rates available until September 1, 2019
Rate is $101.15 +tax Canadian
CLICK HERE for a list of places to rent a motorcycle

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Motorcycling Makes You Happier, Healthier, and Smarter  

This article is published with the permission of RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine. It is not for sale or redistribution. RoadRUNNER is a bimonthly motorcycle touring magazine packed with exciting travel articles, splendid photography, and maps. Subscriptions are available online, or by calling (866) 343-7623. 
February 8, 2019 -- Written by Heather Oliver

Talk to any motorcyclist and you’re likely to hear how they love the exhilarating feeling of freedom they get while riding. The feel of the wind, the intensity of the smells in the air, the vibrant views that come at you as if you’re wearing 3D glasses …

Even still, there are some people who remain unconvinced about the joys of riding—whether it’s procrastination, fear, or disinterest—they just can’t or won’t see the proverbial light.

If your enthusiasm for motorcycles has yet to persuade someone to learn to ride, start riding again, or to at least accept your passion for motorcycling, perhaps science can. Time to rehash the study done by Ryuta Kawashima in Tokyo (in conjunction with Yamaha). It makes an impressive case for riding. Yes, car drivers, we’re rubbing it in—and it never gets old!

Riding Motorcycles Daily Improves Cognitive Functioning

Who doesn’t want to be better at problem-solving and carrying out complex tasks? I don’t know about you, but I’m all for increased mental abilities. Maybe if I ride a motorcycle enough, I’ll finally be able to move things with my mind. Now there’s motivation! Does it still count if you’re on the back? The study didn’t cover that one …


Higher Levels of Concentration

If you ever hope to bend a spoon with your mind, then you should ride a motorcycle every chance you get. Seriously though, this one makes perfect sense. It takes much more concentration to ride a motorcycle than it does to drive a car. From shifting and stopping, counter-steering, to cornering, negotiating curves, and avoiding hazards on the road—your mind stays in high gear because you are so in tuned to your surroundings. Besides, doesn’t everyone have at least a teensy-weensy desire to be James Bond (or an Alex Parrish from Quanitco)? As a motorcyclist, you must be daring and quick on your feet—very 007-like.

Reduced Stress Levels

A recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that individuals in the U.S. are consistently feeling stress levels of at least a 4.7 on a scale of 1-10, and that stress is directly affecting our health. Apparently, we’re all anxious, angry, or tired—perhaps that explains road rage! Yet another reason to ride. When was the last time you came across someone who was mad or stressed out because they were riding a motorcycle?

Improves Memory and Reasoning

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima claims that riding motorcycles can prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. If that isn’t a good enough reason to ride, I don’t know what is. Plus, the memories you make while on a motorcycle tour are literally unforgettable. So, if you start riding while you’re young, you’ll keep your mind sharp—start when you’re older and you’ll re-sharpen your mind—sounds like a win-win!

Stimulates the Brain

Most any motorcyclist will confirm that riding takes them to a happy place. Kawashima’s study even showed that riding motorcycles takes a person to a higher state of consciousness. The act of riding is a feast for the senses—no wonder the brain is so stimulated. Read any of Bud Miller’s Zen Motorcyclist columns in our magazine or on our blog and you’ll understand.


Motorcycling Makes You Happier, Healthier, and Smarter   2019-02-15 05:00:00Z 0 Health,Motorcycle Study,Motorcycling,Ryuta Kawashima

IFMR 2019 Spring Ride in Appalachia

Not a member of IFMR yet?  CLICK HERE to go to the IFMR application and add your membership to the roster!
Mark your calendar for another great IFMR weekend get-together and spring ride on the scenic mountain roads of 'wild and wonderful' West Virginia. We've put together a great weekend event including Thursday evening food and fellowship in Lewisburg, a great 200 mile ride Friday north on scenic WV20 thru central WV fields, forests, and mountains to Canaan Valley Resort, where we'll enjoy another evening of fellowship. Then on Saturday we'll take a different but equally scenic 210 mile ride back south thru the Allegheny Highlands to Lewisburg, for yet another evening of fellowship, before heading for home on Sunday. It's a great opportunity for IFMR members and their guests to meet and greet old friends and also make some new ones.

Make room reservations in Lewisburg at the Holiday Inn Express (304-645-5750) for Thursday May 2 and Saturday May 4 under the "IFMR" group rates of $119+tax Thursday and $139+tax Saturday, breakfast included. Since this is the busy season in WV, rooms not booked by April 18 will be released, so book early.

Make room reservations at the Canaan Valley Resort (800-622-4121) for Friday May 3 using the group code "IFMR.019" for our group rate of $99.00+tax&fees. This is an especially busy season for Canaan Valley visitors. Rooms not booked by March 3 must be released, so act now to assure yourself of a room. After that date, reservations at the group rate will only be accepted on a 'space available' basis.
The preliminary route map is shown above. Route details may change slightly depending on road conditions, weather, etc.

Mark your calendar, call now for room reservations, and plan to join us in Lewisburg!
If you have questions or would like more information, contact
Bob Shriner or 703-795-4355.
Otherwise, just send Bob an email to let him know you plan to come so he can have a head-count for meals and other activities. And don't forget to pass the word to your friends.
IFMR 2019 Spring Ride in Appalachia 2019-01-19 05:00:00Z 0

Reno to Tahoe Day Ride

3-Pass Tour
In Conjunction with District 5190 Conference
ALL Are Welcome to Join in the Fun
Check out for up-to-date information
Check-in 9:30 am on Friday May 17
Start at 10:00 am
Return to Peppermill between 4:00 and 5:00 pm
Distance 215 miles
Lunch Stop but lunch on individuals
The tour will go through the following passes:
Mt Rose
For more information contact Larie Tripett by clicking here

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. 2019-01-01 05:00:00Z 0

2019 IFMR Polio Plus Ride - Ohio Windy Nine 

Have You Reserved Your Room and Secured Your Spot Yet? 
Cost is $103 as a donation to Polio Plus 
per motorcyclist or motorcyclist & rider (includes credit card convenience fee)
Arrive -  Thursday, June 20
Depart - Sunday, June 23
Fairfield Inn and Suites 
924 East State Street 
Athens, Ohio 45701
Group name:  IFMR - Windy 9
Group rate is $149 per night plus tax.
Call 740-589-5839 for reservations. 
Be sure to use the group name.
Hotel stay includes free breakfast, a salt water swimming pool, free wi-fi, and ample parking (even for trailers).
21 June - two of the Windy 9 tbd
22 June - two different rides of the Windy 9 tbd.
I will ensure that we ride on the triple nickel at some point.
Learn more about the Windy 9 at
Please let me know if you plan on joining us.  You must make your room reservation separately. 
The terrain is moderately hilly, and the roads reasonably windy (as in twists and turns, not breezy)
Contact John Kramb: for even more information

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Motorcycle Films:  If We Can't Ride We Can Still Watch!

Posted by Scott Nelson
The 2018 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival was recently covered by "This Motorcycle Life" podcast. The attachment has links to several of the films reviewed there- short and long format, free and for rental. Even if the snow is flying where you live, hopefully this will keep your motorcycle dreams warm throughout the winter. Download the document with links here:  2018 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival.

Motorcycle Films:  If We Can't Ride We Can Still Watch! Scott Nelson 2018-12-19 05:00:00Z 0

Holiday Meeting Schedule

There will be no meeting on Wednesday, December 26 and Wednesday, January 2, 2019
in observance of Christmas and New Years celebrations.
Please join us on Wednesday, December 9 at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific
Lively discussion and an excellent program on Motorcycle Oils and Lubricants.
Holiday Meeting Schedule 2018-12-18 05:00:00Z 0

California Highway Patrol Releases Lane-Splitting Tips

A.B. 51 authorized standards development

The California Highway Patrol has released its long-awaited tips for motorcyclists who split lanes in traffic.

The recommendations were authorized under A.B. 51, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in 2016. The law, sponsored by Assemblymembers Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) and Tom Lackey (R- Palmdale), is the first legislative recognition of lane splitting, in which motorcyclists ride between lanes of stopped or slowed traffic.

The CHP tips include information for motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles.

Photo by Kevin Wing

Download the CHP document by clicking here.

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2019 Hooked On Healing Vets Motorcycle Ride



New Year, New Adventures

We’re changing things up in 2019! We’re adding even more value, fun, and scenic views to the annual “Hooked on Healing Veterans” ride. This exciting event will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Win a 2018 Harley-Davidson Road King in our Poker Run! - Photo does not represent actual motorcycle

The day will start at registration with a complimentary breakfast of pancakes, sausages and coffee. If your boots are a little dusty, visit our free boot shine station, courtesy of Brian of Black Sheep boot shine. Join your host Brad Perry for raffles and a live band throughout the day. That’s not all! There will also be complimentary lunch at Desert Wind H-D courtesy of the excellent Desert Wind staff. Lastly, guests will qualify to win a new 2018 Harley-Davidson Road King by entering our Poker Run (which is included in your Registration fee). Poker Run contest rules found here.


Rather than ride around the city on surface roads, we are going to treat everyone to a scenic country ride.

From Desert Wind, head east out the #60 and then south on Hwy #79 to the River Bottom Bar in Florence. The route is a breathtaking 45-minute ride. Then it’s just a 20-minute hop, skip, and jump over to the Galloping Goose Bar & Grill in Coolidge. From the Galloping Goose, we take AZ #87 north back to Desert Wind for free lunch and festivities. Expect lots of unforgettable scenery on this pleasant 55-minute ride.


We are honored to have Brad Perry as our MC for this years event

Brad Perry is not a stranger to the entertainment world. He was waking up people for over 20 years on morning television. Brad is currently the Executive Producer and Host of his own show ‘BRAD’s BIG ADVENTURES


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Riding A 3-Wheel Motorcycle

Associate Member, Keith Lindgren (in red shirt) recently did a program at his home club, The Rotary Club of Hampton Roads, he spoke about traveling the country on 3-wheels.  District 6300 District Governor Elect Clenese Platt (blue dress), was in attendance (we are her Home Club) and I got a picture of her sitting on the Can -Am Spyder that I had in the meeting room for my presentation.
Riding A 3-Wheel Motorcycle 2018-10-18 04:00:00Z 0

2018 NoPolio Ride in Folsom, California


On September 7-8, 2018, Scott Nelson of Oakland Rotary #3 rode his Triumph motorcycle in the 2018 No Polio! Rally. Bob and Patti Mutchler (Folsom Rotary members) hosted the pre/post Friday & Saturday BBQ dinners at their home, prepared to perfection by rally chef David Hatfield. Allan Pratt, Our Rallymaster, mapped a Saturday 8-hour ride with route alternatives and bonus-point opportunities on beautiful backroads.

Other participants included Mario Winkelman, Neil Cook, Nancy Lefcourt, Peter Perrin, and Katherine Copeland, member of the Vancouver BC Rotary club. Notably, Katherine drove the farthest to participate, nearly raised the highest donations, and passed her motorcycle license test the day she departed for this rally.

Bob’s goal for this 10th annual NoPolio! Rally was $10,000. As of Sept. 9th, we went over, totaling $16,905 in donations! This event is a charity fund raiser: donations raise money and awareness for PolioPlus and for fighting polio worldwide. Since 2008, we have raised more than $110,000.00 towards this goal from the motorcycle community alone. More details about the rally series can be found at



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Rotary Motorcycling Club or Rotary Motorcycling Fellowship? Paul McAfee 2018-08-01 04:00:00Z 0 Motorcycle,MotorcyclingRotarians,Rotary,Service Above Self,eClub
Motorcycling Rotarians Online Happy Hour Paul McAfee 2018-07-30 04:00:00Z 0 Motorcycle,MotorcyclingRotarians,Rotary
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians Linda Ryan 2018-07-02 04:00:00Z 0 Motorcycle,MotorcyclingRotarians,Rotary,eClub
There's A New Rotary Club in Town!! Debbie Vance 2018-07-02 04:00:00Z 0 Motorcycle,MotorcyclingRotarians,Rotary
10th Annual NOPolio! Motorcycle Rally 2018-06-18 04:00:00Z 0

June Is Rotary Fellowship Month!

Rotary Fellowships are one of Rotary's best-kept secrets, and it doesn't need to be that way. There are almost 80 different Rotary Fellowships that appeal to a wide variety of hobbies, interests, professions, etc. This graphic, created by Debbie Vance, demonstrates one of my favorites, The International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians. Come check us out at


June is Rotary Fellowships Month...
and here's an awesome Fellowship with awesome Rotarians




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Cross India Challenge Tour



The Indian Himalayas is unlike anywhere else on Earth, a rich tapestry of dramatic scenery and fascinating cultural diversity. En route of this motorcycle tour across the Himalayas you will be awe-struck by the rugged peaks of the Himalayas, you will sip tea in a hill station before hopping back on your motorcycle and ride to the world highest road, you will experience the rush of river crossing by your motorcycle and find inner peace at a yoga retreat.


On this tour you will also experiences crossing a couple of the highest mountain passes in the world, an experience that worth doing on its own, not to mention doing it on the legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycle


Cross India Challenge is a series of guided motorcycle and scooter tours across the vast Indian territories, and although we have included everything you need into our tour packages, but traveling always require prior planning. Here you will find some further details that will help you plan your next adventure around India.


Click Here for More Information or Facebook

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Ride the Ozarks Rally October 5 & 6 2018-04-27 04:00:00Z 0
Where Our Members Hail From Gerry Jackson 2018-04-24 04:00:00Z 0

Cross Egypt Challenge

With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the explorer in all of us. Egypt is rich with temples, soaring lotus-bud columns; enormous stone portals laced with delicate carvings, elaborate underground tombs, windswept desert monasteries, and richly decorated mosques. But as extraordinary as these sights are, they will probably not be the things that linger in your memory after you return home. It is exploring them from the back of a motorcycle or a scooter - from the Mediterranean feel of Alexandria to the electric pace of Cairo to the timelessness of desert villages- that is unforgettable.


Cross Egypt Challenge adventure rally not only gives you the opportunity to explore this magnificent country on two wheels, but it also allows you to experience the Egyptian culture first hand and explore destinations and routes that normal tourists don't get to explore.


Cross Egypt Challenge is a series of endurance cross-country motorcycles and scooter rallies conducted through the toughest tracks and roads of Egypt. The series is aiming to promote Egyptian tourism and is running under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority.


The series started in 2011 and the first challenge was a 9 days adventure ride from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the North of Egypt to the temple of Abu Simbel, on the southern borders of Egypt with a total distance of over 1700 km. Each following season witnessed a different and more challenging route.


The 2018 season of Cross Egypt Challenge will run between October 11 and 20, 2018 and will include a 2,475 km route that will be completed over 7 stages with two rest days at some of Egypt's finest destinations.


The new route will start from Alexandria, heads east to reach the city of Ismailia on the shores of the Red Sea then go south along the Red Sea Riviera and make stops at El Gouna and and Marsa Alam. After camping by the beach in Marsa Alam, the challenge will then head west to cross the Egyptian Eastern desert - one of the most challenging deserts on the face of the planet due to its rock formation and high mountain range - to reach the Nile valley and the city of Aswan. From Aswan the challenge will head back north again to reach the old city of Luxor, the capital of ancient Egypt and the largest open air museum in the world then make one more stop at Minya before the final leg of the season takes place between Minya and Cairo to end the challenge under the great Pyramids of Giza.


The number of participants in the famous rally has increased over the years from 14 participants back in 2011 to a record breaking 75 participants from 14 different countries in 2015.


We invite you to check out this unique adventure and register to enjoy an unforgettable experience.




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Heart of Africa Motorcycle Tour

The Guys at Cross World Challenges are happy to let you know about our new tour: Heart of Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe & Mozambique.

This 16 days extra-ordinary motorcycle adventure is not your average tour in Africa. With carefully chosen destinations that are not yet accessible by the masses and hand picked and carefully selected lodges and guest houses, this tour provides an excellent opportunity to see what Africa is all about and experience this great continent first hand.

From South Africa's modern cities with thriving arts and dining scenes to the remoteness and wild life of Zimbabwe, and from the mightiest of water falls - Victoria Falls - to the pristine and relaxed beaches of Mozambique, you will enjoy every new experience this tour offers.

This tour begins and ends in Johannesburg, South Africa and offers travel through 3 of the most welcoming Southern African countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. You will cross 3 international borders on this tour including the most busy border in the continent which itself is an experience of its own.
Get more information by clicking here!

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AIR 17   International Ride - November 1 to 14, 2017

Posted by Posted by Linda Ryan for Lionel Cansdale - IFMR Member
AIR17 was a major motorcycle ride for members and friends of the IFMR, hosted by the Australian Chapter, and offered to the worldwide membership of the fellowship. 2 years in the planning, it ran 1st to 14th November 2017 and covered about 5,000kms, to/from Hornsby (Sydney) in an anticlockwise loop of South East Australia via Orange, Hay, Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Warrnambool, Ballarat, Sale, and Bega. Many riders did the whole route, and some did part. It coincided with our local chapter’s 2017 AGM in Ballarat on the weekend of 10-12th where AIR17 riders, other IFMRA members and local Rotarians and friends enjoyed dinner on the Saturday night.
AIR 17   International Ride - November 1 to 14, 2017 Posted by Linda Ryan for Lionel Cansdale - IFMR Member 2018-01-29 05:00:00Z 0

10th Annual Ken Sanford, DDS Memorial Ride

Baker City, Oregon
September 16-18, 2018
Venue: Geiser Grand Hotel
Call: 541/523-1889 for Reservations
Book prior to Feb. 14, 2018
Ask for “Dentist Rides” block rate!
The Ken Sanford, DDS Memorial Ride has provided 9 years of fun and fellowship for California dentists with motorcycle and bicycle rides. It has also been a fundraiser for the California Dental Association Foundation. This year we will be hosting the ride in Eastern Oregon and would like you to join us.
Traditionally we have combined the ride with continuing education but due to this year’s location we have planned a more social event. Rides will be planned but there will not be a formal group. Everyone can choose to ride where, when and how they wish. We will socialize in the afternoon/evening but it will be kept informal. Baker City has several venues that would be great for a casual get together.

This is a great location for rides. Plan to spend some time in the area and really enjoy it! The ride is not limited to dentists so be sure to invite your friends that you ride with. Several non-dentists will be attending .
Please join us!
But be sure to book your room prior to February 14 to get the group rate!

                      Baker City                                           Hells Canyon                             Anthony Lake
Scenic Day tripping
Scenic Byways: See the natural beauty of Eastern Oregon from the comfort of your own motorcycle, car or bicycle. Two distinctive National Scenic Byways start right from the Geiser’s front doors!
Hell yes! Explore the beautiful and unique Hells Canyon Recreation Area. By motorcycle, car, foot, or jet boat tour!

The Great Outdoors
Mountain Biking:
Hiking: Maps and guides available for scenic excursions throughout Eastern Oregon
Wildlife Viewing! Rocky Mountain Elk, bald eagles and more; best in winter months Baker City
Craft Brews: Taste and tour international award winning brewery just two blocks north.
Distillery: Sample vodka and tour just across Main Street.
Wine Tasting: Eastern Oregon’s only winery’s Tasting Room is directly across the street
Chocolatier: World class handcrafted chocolate and local art just across the street.

Boating: Whitewater rafting or jet boat cruising
Fishing: Angling and fly fishing at its best
Hunting: Seasonal game in beautiful countryside
Golf: Let us make your tee time at nearby Quail Ridge or the challenging Buffalo Peak course.
Ghost Stories
Have you heard the legends? Intrigued by the possibility of the paranormal? Then join the TAPS team investigators on a real Ghost Hunt!

For further information contact:
Ron Mead – 805/801-1816 or
Click Here to Download Flier  
Click Here to Download Registration

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National Immunization Day in January 2018 - India

Are you interested in participating in a National Immunization Day in India?
The next one is scheduled for late January, 2018. Not only will you be participating in an important Rotary service project, but you will be seeing some of the world's best attractions. Cities to be visited include New Delhi, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Agra (think "Taj Mahal". The building, not the singer.)

Initial information is:
Dates: January 18-31, 2018
Cities: Delhi, Agra. Jaipur, Udaipur
Cost:​ $2575 plus the cost of your flight to India and back, assuming some home stays in India. I find that Indian hosts are delightful people.
Fun: Most assuredly

If you are interested in participating, please let John Kramb know by email at He will take your name and keep you posted as information comes forth.



National Immunization Day in January 2018 - India 2017-10-03 04:00:00Z 0
2017 Rotary District 7950 “Ride for Polio” 2017-08-14 04:00:00Z 0

Plant a "Rotary" Garden

Plant three rows of peas: Peace of mind - Peace of heart - Peace of soul
Plant four rows of squash: Squash gossip - Squash indifference - Squash grumbling - Squash selfishness
Plant four rows of lettuce: Lettuce be faithful - Lettuce be kind - Lettuce be obedient - Lettuce really love one another
No garden without turnips: Turnip for meetings - Turnip for service - Turnip to help one another
Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden, because you reap what you sow.
Our garden must have thyme: Thyme for God - Thyme for study - Thyme for prayer
—borrowed from Rotary District 7680

Plant a "Rotary" Garden 2017-08-08 04:00:00Z 0

Ride the 2017 No Polio! Rally


September 8 and 9, 2017

Folsom, CA

BBQ Friday night
Ride & banquet Saturday


Come join us at the annual NoPolio! Rally, an 8-hour (or so) self-paced ride on some great California roads.


Friday: Ride-to-eat BBQ party!

Saturday: Rally ride and banquet.


For 2017, the Rallymaster is Jerry White, and the theme is "Into the Wild Blue Yonder".  The ride instructions tell you about places you can go and things you can do to get bonus points. Big dogs can "go for the gold," and the rest of us can have a fun ride. All finishers receive a certificate.

This event is a charity fund raiser. Donations go to PolioPlus for raising polio awareness and fighting polio worldwide.

For more info and to register for the rally, please visit


Who We Are

Bob Mutchler is an avid long-distance motorcyclist who has been helping Rotary fight polio for a long time. Everyone who knows Bob has seen his passion to eradicate polio from the earth. Bob is a member of the Rotary Club of Folsom, CA.

The NoPolio event started as a ride-to-eat banquet in 2009 honoring some donors to PolioPlus. The next year, Bob decided to do it again and include an eight-hour rally.

For more information, please visit or email Bob Mutchler, or You can also call Bob's mobile number (916) 798-4488.




Download the flier here: Documents/en-us/c00148fa-1c06-494f-b2d8-f326b8aec934/1



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Updated Information - 2017 International Ride Australia

There is less than 1 month before this ride begins and planning is well in hand:
  • the route is well considered and will be interesting,
  • accommodation is of good standard
  • timing for fuel stops and meals allow adequate time
  • support vehicle and riders with local knowledge have been assigned
The applications deadline is almost upon us and must close September 30th. If you're considering joining in on this ride and haven’t already registered please do so sooner rather than later.
See the IFMR International or Australia Chapter websites (  and for more details on the ride or to apply.

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IFMR Fall Ride Registration is NOW OPEN

2 fantastic days of riding the Great River Road along the Mississippi River.
Iowa is flat?   No way!   We are riding 2 days (October 20 & 21) in Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois on various segments of the Great River Road and various other local roads within a few miles of the Mississippi River.  Near the mighty Mississippi the roads are neither straight or flat ... not even close.  And at peak fall colors, this is going to be a great ride. 
Some other pluses:  1st Day lunch will be at Potosi Brewery (home to the ABA National Brewery Museum).  2nd day lunch at an awesome biker bar in New Diggins, Wisconsin (can you say "Wild Hogs"), fantastic scenery stops along the way in the limestone bluffs high above the river (both sides).   Opportunity to tour the National Mississippi River Museum as well as the Brewery Museum.  And afternoon/evening fellowship with the local Bellevue Rotary Club.  Working on also getting an insider tour of Lock and Dam #12 and a tour of a antique motorcycle restoration shop.

The Hotel is now available for booking ... ask for the "IFMR" Block.  

Bellevue Baymont Inn & Suites, 4115 N Riverview St., Bellevue, Iowa ph. (563)872-5000

Rates will vary depending on room selection ... there are some great river view rooms!

Please book your room directly at the hotel! ...

ALSO please register for the ride itself at:

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Post Rotary International Conference IFMR Ride June 15-22

Hey y’all. Welcome to the “South”!! Home to the Tail of the Dragon, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Biltmore Estate, Grandfather Mountain, and the Bristol Motor Speedway.  Our own Gerry Jackson will be leading the ride!

Our Southeastern Region Director Carlton Pernell has laid out a wonderful 8 day leisurely yet most enjoyable 1200(+) mile excursion coupled with great fellowship starting & ending in Atlanta, Georgia.

Day 1 starts from Atlanta, Thursday morning, June 16, 2017 traveling through Helen, Georgia to Cherokee, North Carolina. We will spend 3 nights in Cherokee, daily riding and enjoying various rides & activities in and around that area including the Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Maggie Valley, Wheels through Time Museum, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and the Cherokee Casinos.

We will ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and on our 4 th night will be in Ashville, North Carolina where we will enjoy visiting (and perhaps even stay on) the Biltmore Estates.

We will then continue up the Blue Ridge Parkway and on our 5 th and 6 th nights will be in Little Switzerland, North Carolina as we enjoy rides and activities near there including US 421 (a.k.a. the Snake), Grandfather Mountain and the opportunity to ride your motorcycle on the Bristol Motor Speedway, in Bristol, Tennessee.

Our 7 th night will be near Lake Lure, North Carolina where we will experience Chimney Rock. And on the 8 th day we travel back to Atlanta, Georgia (Thursday June 22) completing a wonderful week of riding and fellowship.

Not enough? Separating from the rest of the group at the end of the Little Switzerland activities, we have an optional 3 day side trip to the “Outer Banks”: site of the first manned flight at Kitty Hawk, iconic light houses, ferry ride to Beaufort Nags Head, attend the famous outdoor drama “The Lost Colony” and then the ride back to Atlanta.

If you have never experienced riding in these areas, boy are you in for a great treat. For those of us that already have been to at least some of these areas, I’m sure you agree they are a timeless pleasure that can be enjoyed time and time again.

You must register here to reserve a spot.   You will be emailed hotel registration information.   Also please email if you need to rent a motorcycle.  You can also email for any other concern.

There will likely be a collection at the time of the ride (on the order of $100 USD) to help cover cost of incidentals during the ride.

- See more at:
Please register at the hotels individually (you need to do so by May 20)

NOTES: 1) All Rates Quoted do NOT include taxes

               2) Rates quoted are per night

3) Call & register at each hotel separately

4) Ask for IFMR” group block/rate

5) Each hotel will have a mixture of rooms blocked, some with 1 bed & some with 2 beds

6) We have 15 rooms blocked at each hotel.  Although they have various dates of last day to register, suggest you reserve your room as early as possible.  The ride is during the height of these hotels busy season.  There is no guarantee we will be able to get additional rooms at any hotel.


Questions or concerns: contact me, Gerry Jackson, or ph 248-820-9804



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Motoquest Motorcycle Transportation Specials

Motoquest ( has a special offer for motorcycle transport on a first come, first served basis.  If you want to take advantage of this head on over to and check it out. MotoQuest is offering many relocations on the West Coast between our Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland facilities in addition to a smaller selection of motorcycles available one way to Anchorage, Alaska.  Thank you Bill Sahlman for sharing the information!

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The "Trip of a Lifetime"

Posted by James Dodmead
In around August of 1999 there was a ride called the “South African Friendship Ride.”  About 25 IFMR members flew into Capetown, South Africa from all over; Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, US, and many members from South Africa participated as well.  We rented motorcycles primarily from BMW South Africa.  I rode an R-1100GS.  Gary Cullen, my riding companion from Australia would not be caught dead on anything but a Harley Davidson, and you can see his picture.  He is a great guy, but no longer rides motorcycles.  As a group we rode from Capetown up the coast, then inland through the mountains, to Johannesburg.  Most nights we would arrive in a town and go to stay with a local Rotarian, after the evening’s reception where we had cocktails, dinner and speeches.  We stayed in some mountain cabins and in the morning the local Rotary club came and cooked us breakfast on charcoal grills.  They fed us the best beef sausage that I have ever had.  I have been on a quest ever since to match it.  To make this trip even more spectacular, we took a bus trip into Kruger National Park and spent a couple of nights there.  No bikes allowed.  Seems the wild animals have a penchant for attacking smaller “beasts.”  We ended up in Johannesburg where we turned in our motorcycles and flew home.  It really was a great trip and I have always wanted to invite the organizer, DG David Griggs, to my home so that I could reciprocate his hospitality.  Another friend from the ride, Jorgen Otzen, is a practicing Santa Claus.  Jorgen is from Sweden and now lives in Denmark & France.  He came to visit us in South Carolina after a Santa Claus conference in Tennessee a couple of years ago.  This ride was a wonderful experience, which I will never forget.  I remember there was this time on a foggy night in the mountains when visibility was about 15 feet and cows were all over the gravel road; and then there was the time we went backroading at 6 AM to Die Hel… but I could go on for hours.
Unfortunately, I billed this as a “trip of a lifetime” to my wife (and it was), so now every time I want to take an epic trip I hear:  “You already had your trip of a lifetime!”

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Helping people with disabilities make their own music

Music has been an important part of leading an ordinary life for students at the Music School for Children With Disabilities in Honor of Paul Harris in Lublin, Poland. Founded by Rotary members, the school serves 20 students with various disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and visual impairments. The Rotary Club of Lublin-Centrum-Maria Curie-Sklodowska has provided funding with help from Rotary Foundation Matching Grants and the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society, which houses the school.
After their son Mateusz was born with underdeveloped eyes, Mariusz and Joanna Kania looked for ways to help him be active. When he showed an aptitude for music, they looked for a teacher and were thrilled to find the Paul Harris music school.
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Finding Safe Haven

For years, Angalia Bianca had slept in abandoned buildings throughout Chicago. She stole. She did drugs. She spent time in and out of jail for forgery, theft, trespassing, and possession of narcotics. But after she landed in prison for the seventh time, something changed -- Bianca knew she wanted a better life. She just didn’t know how to make it happen.
After serving her time, Bianca sought help from a local homeless organization, A Safe Haven, and moved to its shelter in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Bianca followed the program closely -- she attended all the required meetings, passed drug tests, and volunteered at every opportunity.
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Saving lives in Ghana

What is it like taking a large team to Africa?  It has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. In mid February, I began leading Rotary members from all over the East Coast of the United States through Ghana. I’ve tried to give the team a warm Ghanaian welcome like I’ve received on my earlier trips. A large trip is a real blessing because each person sees Ghana and our work in a different way.

A highlight for the team was greeting the chief of Sagadugu. The team got excited about buying goats and food for children in the villages where I support eight churches. It was good to see the pastors of most of the eight churches, and I had to explain that we were just passing through on our way to Bolgatanga.
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